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United Latinos, Promoviendo Accion Civica (United Latinos) is organized under the California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation Law for charitable purposes. Its By-Laws were developed following parliamentary law of Robert’s Rules of Order and is a non-partisan organization.

United Latinos is organized and operated exclusively for educational purposes and does not engage in carrying propaganda or participate or intervene in any political campaign including publishing or distribution of statements on behalf of any candidate for public office.

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August 3, 2015 Town Hall Meeting
United Latino hosted a Town Hall Meeting with US Rep. Xavier
Beccerra August 3rd at Angel’s Art Gallery. View video clip of
Congressman Beccerra on United Latinos & attend the Aug.29th
Membership Event 

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President’s Message


United Latinos, Promoviendo Accion Civica! Promoting civic action, that is what we do. We put on Voter Education Forums, host town hall meetings with civic leaders and we engage in dialogue with our civic leaders. Why is it that I feel that that is not enough?

There are more than 400,000 Latinos in the Sacramento Standard Metropolitan Statistical Area (SSMSA), that is slightly less than one third of all the people that live in the SSMSA. Yet the numbers belie our level of civic engagement. We vote at less than 30 percent of our eligible voters, we are substantially less as a percentage of employment by the public agencies that serve our community, and we receive substantially less as a percentage of the services provided by those public agencies even while our community is growing. Despite our current lack of engagement I am confident that we are on the verge of making greater contributions to the leadership of the SSMSA.

During my time as President of United Latinos, it is my hope to increase the level of participation in the civic discourse. I will do so by assisting to engage the more than 100 Latino non-governmental organizations in conversations about how we can register Latinos to vote and then get out the vote. I propose to do this by simple actions that translate into political power.

We cannot do it alone, we need our membership to get engaged and we need your involvement. If you are not a member join can become one by going to the membership tab on our website.